My probiotic Ice cream workshop will teach you all you need to know about making your own healthy and delicious ice cream at home. I’ll introduce you to milk kefir grains that will convert the enzymes in the milk through lacto-fermentation into a nutritional superfood called kefir that will increase the good microflora in your gut. This is crucial to maintain a healthy digestive system.

My ice creams are so far removed from how commercial ice creams are made. They are uncooked or raw to preserve the good microflora and has no nasty additives. Finally! A guilt-free ice cream you can consume!

You can make these ice creams with or without an ice cream maker. Also enjoy a tour around our mango and macadamia farm and delight in using our home-grown macadamias or mango in your ice cream depending on the season and choice of ice cream for the day.

All participants will receive a kefir kit containing kefir grains, strainer, jar and all other items needed to make kefir. They will also receive an e-book containing ice cream recipes and guidelines on how to care for grains.